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Great Article On Balance!

One of my favorite topics - balance! When I'm not teaching and practicing Pilates, I'm usually busy pursuing two of my other passions: Figure Skating, and Paddle Boarding - both require a good sense of balance, proprioception and core strength (guess what other movement modality promotes balance, proprioception and core strength....starts with a "P" ends with "ilates" ;-)

Check out this article by Erica Sloan on Well and Good for a great read

on balance and it's connection to longevity:

If you're up for a challenge, try this fun balance exercise: stand near a wall or counter top etc, so you can catch yourself if you need to, then stand on one foot, close your eyes and try to balance without holding on for 8 seconds. Work your way up to 15 seconds.

And if you'd like to work on balancing for general health, a specific sport, or just because it's fun, book in for a session and mention the code "BALANCE" for $25. off your first session* at my Chelsea NYC Studio or on Zoom.

*new clients only - offer good through December 2022

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